Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tips to look Photogenic


You donā€™t need to be a model to be photogenic. Anyone can be photogenic. Here are some photography poses tips that will make you look photogenic.

  1. Be Natural, stand straight. Tuck in your tummy.
  2. Put one leg in front of the other. This will make your legs looked longer. Bent your knees a little, but do not lock your knees. Your feet should be pointing to the front.
  3. The shoulders are slightly arched back so your breasts look perky.
  4. Rotate your shoulders 3/4 to the front. This will make you and your waist look thinner.
  5. Lower your chin slightly.
  6. Look directly in the lens of the camera. Flirt with the camera. Imagine that the camera is your boyfriend.
  7. Let your hands be free. Try not to pose with your purse or glasses in your hands. You are the subject, not the object that you are carrying.
  8. Practice. The Hollywood divas were not born like that; they all learned it and continue to refine their skills through practices.

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